Choosing the Right Dry Aging Chamber

Choosing the right dry aging chamber is important. The right features and technology will ensure that your steaks will be aged to perfection.

Dry aging is a method of aging meat that involves the controlled decay of proteins in the meat. This technique breaks down the molecular bonds that hold the meat together, resulting in an improved texture and a more complex flavor.

To achieve this goal, beef is cut into roasts and primal cuts, which are then placed in a dry aging room. The aging room should be climate controlled and maintain a relative humidity of 85 to 90 percent. The room should also allow for the proper air flow between the various portions of meat.

The proper air flow will promote tenderness. It also ensures that the meat is exposed to oxygen, which allows the natural enzymes to work. It is also important to keep the walls clean. These surfaces should be cleaned with an alkaline cleaning solution.

When setting up a dry aging room, it is important to consider how the room will be viewed. A dry aging room can be a beautiful addition to a restaurant or butcher shop. It also allows for customers to watch the process behind the scenes.

During the aging process, undesirable flavors can develop. These flavors are usually caused by microbial growth, adsorption of off-odors in the storage room, and rancidity of fat. The meat will also absorb the flavors of other foods and items that are stored nearby.

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