Differences Between Physical And Online Slot Machines

There is no question that the technology of slot machines has greatly evolved over the years and is not ready to slow down in the near or distant future. This is also the main reason why the mechanical version, called “rollers,” has almost disappeared from gaming establishments, in favor of slot machines controlled by computers and called video or virtual slot machines … and more recently for the benefit of the internet and online gaming platforms.

But in all of this, it is important to note that the game has remained the same on these different models. The principle is, therefore, to allow the player to pull a lever or engage a button to trigger a rotation of rollers, which generally varies between three and five rollers. These reels are having a series of symbols then allow the player to win winnings if a combination of identical symbols or symbols is performed on one or more of the pay lines defined by the rules.

The Slot Machine Mechanism

To better understand the concept, it seems important to first explain to you how the so-called classic slot machine works. It, therefore, works thanks to a complex combination of levers, but also notches and springs. With regard to the central element, we speak of a shaft which supports the rollers and which is permanently connected to a lever. The latter operates the slot machine and is regulated by a braking system that stops the reels. Are you following so far? A sensor then communicates the position of the rollers to the payment system, while a coin or token detector enables the lever to be released.

From mechanical to the electric machine

Over time, these mechanical slot machines have been replaced by electric machines. But you should know that the latter, however, operated on the same principle. The difference lies in the fact that in an electric machine, the rollers are actuated by motors and that the stoppers are generally activated by solenoids. But we must admit that all this is fairly similar and that it is therefore here, and basically, the same principle. Whether in the case of the mechanical slot machine or in the case of the electric slot machine, once the reels have stopped, the machine must imperatively determine the gain and deliver it to the player.

And since we are talking about gain, it seems to us wise to explain to you now how it is determined.

And IT arrives!

Over time, we have seen these machines evolve towards the digital world, to take full advantage of slot machines, still terrestrial, but controlled by computer, however. This is the reason why most of the slot machines that are still found today in land-based casinos are designed to give the impression of being mechanical models while being managed in fact by computer.