Dry-Aged-Steak: Choosing High-Quality Steaks

Steak is as personal as love. Those who consume it, appreciate it; they also tend to be very opinionated, often preferring certain cuts, methods of cooking and even seasoning (or lack thereof). That said, that s why we’ve put together this guide, asking you, readers, to tell us across America in quest of our best steaks…

First up is the question of personal preference. There are as many varying opinions on the best steaks as there are people – including personal chefs, restaurant owners and general shoppers. Some of the top places to find the best steaks are:

If you’re looking for the highest quality and the most flavorful cuts around, head to a steakhouse (preferably one that uses a dry-aging chamber to provide dry-aged steak). But if you prefer your food simple, without much attention to technique or fancy dressings – or if you just want to go out and have some good food with your friends – then head to your local supermarket or discount store for some great tasting beef.

If you know what you’re looking for, you can always head over to the butcher’s block and pick out our favorite high end cuts – or start with some of these suggestions, and come back for more.

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