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Dymocks Recommends

Wondering which titles the Dymocks team can't put down right now? We've collated a selection of top picks that our staff rate as the ultimate page-turners.

March Staff Recommendations

Nightbirds By Kate J. Armstrong


By Kate J. Armstrong | Paperback | 28 February 2023

"A powerful sisterhood between three of the most relatable characters I’ve ever read, multiple POVs, strong on the feminist vibes, with such an intricate magic system, I truly couldn’t ask for more. If you’re looking for a book you can’t put down, NightBirds is the one. From first to last page, I was kept on my toes, that’s for sure. I cannot wait for what the next book brings."

Alyssia, Dymocks Garden City

Dymocks Garden City

The Wakes By Dianne Yarwood

The Wakes

By Dianne Yarwood | Paperback | 1 March 2023

"Inspired by a brush with mortality at the age of 40, it gave Dianne the courage to write her first novel called The Wakes. A story about friendship, love, relationships and living life with all its ups and downs. Featuring very relatable characters, friends Clare, Louisa and Chris, how their lives intertwine and how death makes life and living more important. "

Dymocks Ellenbrook

One Illumined Thread By Sally Colin-James

One Illumined Thread

By Sally Colin-James | Paperback | 8 March 2023

"If you are looking for a new book that will encourage excellent discussions for your next book club meeting, then look no further than this one! One Illumined Thread is a stunning, sweeping historical novel that celebrates the power and creative spirit of the female heart, as each woman finds freedom through an extraordinary connection. This book is purely sensational, and I particularly loved the celebration of the female human spirit and tenacity through the extraordinary connection between these women."

Dymocks Neutral Bay

HappyHead By Josh Silver


By Josh Silver | Paperback | 28 February 2023

"HappyHead is a fascinating deep-dive into wellbeing in a generation suffering under enormous pressure in modern society, full of intrigue and suspense as we try to understand the program's true intentions. A great story with a diverse cast of characters, a mysterious love interest, and poignant reflections on being yourself in a world that expects differently."

Dymocks Knox City

Modern Literature

Amazing Grace Adams By Fran Littlewood

Amazing Grace Adams

By Fran Littlewood | Paperback | 17 January 2023

"I love this gem of a book! Rarely do you get pulled into a character’s world so quickly and so fully. It has shades of Lessons in Chemistry and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - you won’t forget Grace Adams in a hurry!"

Kate Dymocks Merchandise Manager (Book)

Dymocks Merchandise Manager (Book)

Seeing Other People By Diana Reid

Seeing Other People

By Diana Reid | Paperback | 5 October 2022

"Diana Reid has exceeded any expectations with this book after the extraordinary success of her first book Love and Virtue. From the first page, I was drawn to this story of the complicated relationship of two sisters, Charlie and Eleanor. Diana Reid has a unique talent for presenting and analysing moral dilemmas without being moralistic. Seeing Other People is part romance, part social commentary and part family saga. Charming, insightful and very observant are words that come to mind after reading this book. In fact, I found it very difficult to put down."

Dymocks Neutral Bay

Our Missing Hearts By Celeste Ng

Our Missing Hearts

By Celeste Ng | Paperback | 4 October 2022

"Reminiscent (and highly recommended to the readers) of The Handmaid's Tale, Our Missing Hearts is a warning - a mother's plea to the world to stop yet another Stolen Generation from occurring. We all know that words and books have power, and the heroes of Our Missing Hearts are librarians, seeking to reconnect those that have been displaced, at great personal risk themselves. Using an underground network of books, they aim to reunite Our Missing Hearts."

Dymocks Camberwell

The Seven Skins Of Esther Wilding By Holly Ringland

The Seven Skins Of Esther Wilding

By Holly Ringland | Paperback | 30 September 2022

"The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart was like a starburst over the Australian literary scene, which had us asking 'with this kind of talent, where has Holly Ringland been hiding?' The Seven Skins of Esther Wilding is an absorbing tale that is rich in folklore and natural wonder, while being a down-to-earth portrayal of a girl coming to grips with the disappearance of her beloved sister. It's a stunning book - you'll love it!"

Dymocks Merchandise Manager (Book)

Carrie Soto Is Back By Taylor Jenkins Reid

Carrie Soto Is Back

By Taylor Jenkins Reid | Paperback | 30 August 2022

"Carrie Soto has forced her way out of Malibu Rising and into her own story. Not wanting her record to be broken, Carrie is determined to come back on tour and win. I found her strength and determination admirable, although frustrating at times. Perfectly written for every tennis fan, TJR fan and anyone looking for something to grip their attention."

Dymocks Waurn Ponds


The Matchmaker By Saman Shad

The Matchmaker

By Saman Shad | Paperback | 31 January 2023

"What happens if you find yourself accidentally matching with someone who is supposed to be your client? The Matchmaker is a funny, easy-to-read, romance, which also gives an insight into the desi Australian community (an ex-pat from India or Pakistan), and what it’s like to be a ‘third culture Millennial’, straddling tradition with modern Australian values."

Kat Dymocks Tooronga

Dymocks Tooronga

Unnecessary Drama By Nina Kenwood

Unnecessary Drama

By Nina Kenwood | Paperback | 5 October 2022

"Fans of rom-coms will definitely enjoy this book, as it has the right amount of romantic chemistry and simmering tension. This is thanks to the addition of the enemies to lovers and fake dating trope to the plot. It becomes a story about finding yourself after leaving home as well as the endless possibilities that come in that era of your life between high school and university. With the perfect blend of humour and romance, Unnecessary Drama is a tender, heartfelt and endearing tale about growing up, leaving home, friendship and love."

Dymocks Sydney

The Wish By Nicholas Sparks

The Wish

By Nicholas Sparks | Paperback | 25 October 2022

"The Wish is a novel which evokes a variety of emotions through the sad, happy and fun moments that are portrayed. Nicholas Sparks skilfully interweaves two storylines by having the main character, Maggie Daws, retell the story of a Christmas 20 years earlier to her gallery assistant, as they spend Christmas 2019 together. He very cleverly brings the two storylines together at the end in a most unexpected way."

Dymocks Albury

Take A Bow, Noah Mitchell By Tobias Madden

Take A Bow, Noah Mitchell

Tobias Madden | Paperback | 30 August 2022

"Madden’s follow up to his remarkable debut is filled with the perfect blend of romance, humour, wit and heart. It’s got a great rom-com-worthy set up, strikingly real characters that you connect with and a romance that will make you swoon. It’s heart-warming and deeply moving, while still managing to be funny and relatable. It’s as much about identity, fitting in, friendship, family and relationships as it is about overcoming your mistakes and confronting your feelings. A touching YA read that delivers as much on the romance as it does with the heart."

Dymocks Sydney

Love & Virtue By Diana Reid

Love & Virtue

By Diana Reid | Paperback | 6 July 2022

"You won’t believe this novel is a debut! Diana Reid is one of the most exciting new voices to emerge this year - from Australia or anywhere - so you really shouldn’t miss this fiercely intelligent, beautifully written and affecting campus novel. I can’t wait to see what she writes next!"

Dymocks Merchandise Manager (Book)


The Tilt By Chris Hammer

The Tilt

By Chris Hammer | Paperback | 5 October 2022

"Chris Hammer’s place as the leading Australian crime noir writer is further enhanced with The Tilt. Perhaps his best work yet, we are once again joined by Ivan Lucic and Nell Buchanan who as a new homicide detective must unravel a cold case that opens more old wounds from her past. The writing in this book has an immersive sense of place and the multi-layered storyline will keep you hooked right to the very last chapter."

Colin, Dymocks Neutral Bay

Dymocks Neutral Bay

The House Of Now And Then By Jo Dixon

The House Of Now And Then

By Jo Dixon | Paperback | 4 January 2023

"A brilliant novel by debut author Jo Dixon, it twists and turns and brings to life the consequences of sometimes discovering the truth. Set over parallel timelines, Olivia is hiding to escape media scrutiny in a remote Tasmanian house when an unknown man knocks on her door looking for a woman called Pippa, Olivia wants to help, but she risks exposing her past. In the same house thirty years earlier, wild-child Pippa falls in love with Leo, a local boy, much to the displeasure of his conservative and controlling family. One night Leo leaves the house to go and confront his parents ... and is never seen again."

Dymocks Hobart

Halifax: Transgression By Roger Simpson

Our Missing Hearts

By Roger Simpson | Paperback | 5 October 2022

"Fans of the Halifax TV series starring Rebecca Gibney are in for a real treat. The all-new storyline is a dark and twisted plot as Dr. Jane Halifax seeks to track down Australia’s most wanted serial killer. Can she get inside his mind and stop him before he commits more atrocities? This is Roger Simpson’s first novel. It’s sure to be a thriller you’ll love, whether you’ve seen the TV show or not!"

Dymocks Neutral Bay

The Ink Black Heart By Robert Galbraith

The Ink Black Heart

By Robert Galbraith | Paperback | 30 August 2022

"Galbraith has used their real-life experience of nom de plumes, fandoms and social media, to highlight the perils of going from rags to riches on your creative genius - and that trying to please everyone often ends up pleasing no-one! It also shows how exaggerated the online space can be when someone is behind the safety of a keyboard. Join Robin & Strike again as they traverse worlds unfamiliar to them, of gaming and YouTube, in a new universe of crime and policing."

Dymocks Camberwell


Empire Of The Vampire By Jay Kristoff

Empire Of The Vampire

By Jay Kristoff | Paperback | 1 February 2023

"If Australia has anything to be proud of, it’s the fact that Jay Kristoff calls it home. A literary God has risen, and with him, the mother of all fictional texts to rule them all: Empire of the Vampire. This book is a hard five out of five stars for me. The best way to describe this book is if Interview With a Vampire and The Name of the Wind had a Game of Thrones baby. Combine all these things and then times it by ten. It is a fantasy marvel and a literary masterpiece."

Mathew, Dymocks Waurn Ponds

Dymocks Waurn Ponds

Sea Of Tranquility By Emily St. John Mandel

Sea Of Tranquility

By Emily St. John Mandel | Paperback | 11 April 2023

"There are few more imaginative novelists out there than Emily St. John Mandel and Sea of Tranquility is one of her finest. From the forests of Vancouver Island to the future colony of Moon Three, I’ll go anywhere she leads. If you liked Station Eleven, you’re going to love this!"

Dymocks Merchandise Manager (Book)

Fairy Tale By Stephen King

Fairy Tale

By Stephen King | Paperback | 6 September 2022

"I always have high hopes for a new Stephen King, and thankfully I was not disappointed in his newest epic novel. As the name suggests, this is a modern fairy tale, but don't go into this expecting Disney! Think of the original bloody Grimm's Tales, or Lovecraft, but set in modern-day America... until it isn't. Oh, and there's a dog; while Cujo rates a mention, Radar couldn't be further from a monster, and will steal your heart. King is a master fisherman and will hook you with just enough bait to keep going back for more, making it nigh impossible to put this book down."

Dymocks Camberwell

Young Adult

Nothing More To Tell By Karen M. McManus

Which Way To Anywhere

By Karen M. McManus | Paperback | 30 August 2022

"In this book, a much-loved teacher is found dead in the bush by some of his students. Four years later, Brynn returns to her hometown for an internship interview with a true crime show and pitches it to them to investigate. Her ex-best friend was one of the students that found Mr. Larkin, so does Brynn think the students are hiding something? Was the murderer a drifter who passed through town as first thought or did they never leave? Join Brynn as she digs into the past - Karen M. McManus never disappoints."

Di, Buying Data Maintenance Coordinator

Buying Data Maintenance Coordinator

Spice Road: Book 1 By Maiya Ibrahim

Spice Road

By Maiya Ibrahim | Paperback | 31 January 2023

"Spice Road introduces us to a beautiful Arabian-inspired fantasy world where a young warrior must journey through a monster-infested desert and unknown lands in order to find her beloved brother. This was an amazing debut young adult fantasy filled with a thrilling desert adventure, a strong and determined heroine, and an intriguing magic system that utilises tea ceremonies. If only there was a sequel already!"

Dymocks Catalogue Coordinator

The Lesbiana's Guide To Catholic School By Sonora Reyes

The Lesbiana's Guide To Catholic School

By Sonora Reyes | Paperback | 1 June 2022

"Sonora Reyes' debut YA novel is a witty and playful queer coming of age tale, a story about bravery, love and self-acceptance. Reyes astutely and sensitively addresses the intersectionality of queerness, through issues of racism, immigration and mental health, meanwhile including some of the most diverese representation I have seen in YA! More than a romance, it is sure to provide comfort to queer teens who are yet to hear their stories told. This is a perfect read for lovers of The Miseducation of Cameron Post, We Are Okay and One Last Stop."

Dymocks Sydney

No Words By Maryam Master

No Words

By Maryam Master | Paperback | 26 July 2022

"From the author of Exit Through the Gift Shop comes another beautiful story about friendship, optimism and belonging. Master has done such an incredible job reflecting on her own personal journey and created an important middle grade novel that is not only magical but full of hope. This novel teaches kids to overcome fear of the unknown and find their voice when there are no words."

Dymocks Category Manager

League Of Liars By Astrid Scholte

League Of Liars

By Astrid Scholte | Paperback | 1 March 2022

"Think Law & Order meets Six of Crows in Astrid Scholte’s new title, League of Liars – a truly refreshing take on the tried-and-true fantasy genre. This book has everything for YA Fantasy fans, including jailbreaks, secrets, dark magic, mystery & intriguing courtroom drama – a truly captivating page turner for your TBR pile! Pick up a copy of Astrid’s new novel and you won’t be disappointed by the seamless fantasy world where murder mystery and fantasy twists meet in a perfect steampunk-esque world."

Dymocks Category Manager


Which Way To Anywhere By Cressida Cowell

Which Way To Anywhere

By Cressida Cowell | Paperback | 13 September 2022

"The amazing Cressida Cowell launches a brilliant new series, but instead of delving into a past of Vikings or the Dark Ages, she blasts off into outer space in this page-turning new adventure. But magic is never too far away, as all four of our heroes are zapped into a world beyond their craziest imaginings to rescue their sister. Another brilliant read for 8-12-year-olds."

Jon, Dymocks Sydney

Dymocks Sydney

The Wrath Of The Woolington Wyrm: Miss Mary-Kate Martin's Guide To Monsters 1 By Karen Foxlee

The Wrath Of The Woolington Wyrm

By Karen Foxlee | Paperback | 31 May 2022

"What a delight to read! A new heartwarming, action packed thrilling mystery series! A witty young girl full of heart and a marvellous fantasy world with a touch of fire-breathing wingless dragon, this is a story by Foxlee for those who still want to believe in monsters. Needless to say, Freda Chiu has also beautifully captured all of the above with her incredibly gorgeous illustrations throughout. A must read for fans of the Magnolia Moon series."

Dymocks Category Manager

The Callers By Kiah Thomas

The Callers

By Kiah Thomas | Paperback | 4 May 2022

"It’s hard to believe this clever page-turner of a book is Kiah’s debut novel! The Callers is adorned with such a unique plot that makes young readers really define the blurred line between our wants & needs in the world we live in. I fell in love with the way Kiah created Quin and what it’s like to find out who you really are despite what society expects of you."

Dymocks Category Manager

Skandar And The Unicorn Thief By A.F. Steadman

Skandar And The Unicorn Thief

By A.F. Steadman | Hardcover | 28 April 2022

"Unicorns are not cute, not pink, not fluffy - they are powerful elemental creatures who are paired with riders when they hatch. Skandar is about to get more than he bargained for when he encounters these creatures in real life, in all their tempestuous glory. This is a gripping debut novel about an unexpected hero; carnivorous unicorns; and friends, who are sometimes found in the most unlikely circumstances. Perfect for readers looking for a new and exciting fantasy world to explore!"

Dymocks Sydney


With each Dymocks team member passionate about different topics across a wide range of genres, we've reviewed the reads we love and think you'll enjoy too. From Australian greats and hit fantasy series to much-adored classics and much, much more, there’s something for everyone!

From the well-read team at Dymocks to you, happy reading!