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Calling all fans of Holly Jackson: our Young Adult Book of the Month, Eleanor Jones is Not A Murderer, is set to be your next favourite murder mystery novel! To get you in the Eleanor Jones-mood, we brought in author Amy Doak to provide you with a personalised playlist that will transport your mind straight into the book, and you can even listen to it as you read along to give it an extra immersive layer.

Eleanor Jones Is Not A Murderer is set in a fictional Australian country town – the kind of place where there’d be a party down by the river each year where a whole bunch of teens sit and listen to the Triple J Hottest 100. I really wanted to embrace the Aussie-ness throughout both the story and within each of the characters. Because of this, much of the playlist is Aussie Indie Rock bands from the 90s, 2000s and a few newer independent artists.

Eleanor’s mum, Min, is also a big influence on her and she would have been a child and a teen in the late 90s, early 2000s, so there’s a bit of music that I think she definitely would have loved – from UK punk rock, to a bit of US alternative music.

Lisztomania by Phoenix
This song gives off great ‘intro’ vibes. When we first meet Eleanor and she’s on the school bus, and then steps off the bus with Troy to meet Alfie for the first time…I can definitely hear this tune in those moments.

The Brown Snake by Thelma Plum
When Eleanor is walking home and we start to get a feel for the scrubby bushland that surrounds the town… even the sound effects in this song are oh-so-Australian.

What Difference Does It Make? by The Smiths
Eleanor’s experience in the wake of Angus’s stabbing is a lot about getting to know her new school and her (potential) new friends. She’s also trying her hardest to stay true to herself and I think this song reflects all of these moments.

Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys
The perfect song for the introduction of a certain Ethan Griggs…

Peachy Keen by Pollyanna
A lighter, fun moment as Eleanor makes friends and gets ready with Namita for her first party.

Laced Up by Hilltop Hoods
The party, of course, isn’t quite the fun that Eleanor thought it might have been. Hilltop Hoods perfectly sum up the eclectic mix of characters in these scenes.

Mascara by Killing Heidi
Eleanor’s experience of visiting the Sunny is curious, interesting, and then a little terrifying.

Cry by The Mavis’s
The uncovering of Troy and Angus’s connection, but also the subtle shifts within Eleanor’s and Min’s relationship.

Leaving Home by Jebediah
If Alfie were to have a singular song, I’m pretty sure this might be it.

She by Green Day
I feel like this is a song that Min would have absolutely resonated with in her youth…and in turn passed on a little of that anger, feistiness and frustration to her daughter.

Way Of All Things by Rebecca’s Empire
The moment of decisiveness as the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

Tonite by The Go-Go’s
I love the frantic feeling of this song and think it perfectly suits the golf cart ride to Eleanor’s place.

Robbery by Lime Cordiale
There’s a couple of scenes when Eleanor finds herself running (much to her dismay, who runs unless they absolutely have to?) through the bush, and this song offers just the right amount of foreboding.

Books From Boxes by Maximo Park
The safety of Troy’s treehouse and how it becomes a sanctuary for Eleanor too.

Fade Into You by Mazzy Star
The smallest of moments between Eleanor and Troy

Backseat Of My Mind by Thelma Plum
The perfect happy ending finish…with all the dramas behind us and the promise of something exciting ahead.

Eleanor Jones Is Not A Murderer is available online and at your local Dymocks store.

Eleanor Jones is Not a...
Amy Doak

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