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If the words “I love you 3000” see you shedding a tear and the catchcry “Avengers – assemble!” makes your heart swell, your soul has definitely found its place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe… and the selection of Marvel Comics books, toys, puzzles and games in store at Dymocks is sure to impress!

In fact, all the very best Marvel merchandise Australia could ever hope for is right here, ready to add to your cart. Classic Marvel comics featuring all your faves (hello, Spiderman, Captain America, Deadpool, Dr Strange, Thor, Iron Man… you get the idea!) are easy to find in one place, as are all the best Marvel Comics book add-ons – we’re talking encyclopedias, character guides, compilations and more!

While there’s nowhere else to go for the best range of Marvel merchandise, we do, of course, also have a huge collection of other graphic novels and comic books for those who love animation and illustration from outside the Marvel box, including much-loved manga from the likes of Junji Ito, Studio Ghibli and more.

We also have Disney merchandise in spades and all the action of the Star Wars saga to keep you entertained – think books, games, puzzles… the works!