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Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow

By Jessica Townsendpaperback10 October 2017
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Dymocks Kid's Book of the Month - October 2017

A breathtaking, enchanting new series by debut Australian author Jessica Townsend, about a cursed girl who escapes death and finds herself in a magical world - but is then tested beyond her wildest imagination.

Morrigan Crow is cursed. Born on an unlucky day, she is blamed for all local misfortunes, from hailstorms to heart attacks - and, worst of all, the curse means that Morrigan is doomed to die at midnight on Eventide.

But as Morrigan awaits her fate, a strange and remarkable man named Jupiter North appears. Chased by black-smoke hounds and shadowy hunters on horseback, he whisks her away into the safety of a secret, magical city called Nevermoor.

It's there that Morrigan discovers Jupiter has chosen her to contend for a place in the city's most prestigious organisation: the Wundrous Society. In order to join, she must compete in four difficult and dangerous trials against hundreds of other children, each boasting an extraordinary talent that sets them apart. Except for Morrigan, who doesn't seem to have any special talent at all.

To stay in the safety of Nevermoor for good, Morrigan will need to find a way to pass the tests - or she'll have to leave the city to confront her deadly fate.


  • Title: Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow
  • Author: Jessica Townsend
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher: Lothian Children's Books
  • ISBN: 9780734418074
  • Languages: English
  • Ages: 8+


20/09/2017 7:33:08 PM - Caitlin
Grab your umbrella and step into a world of Wunder. For fans of J.K. Rowling, Diana Wynne Jones, and Roald Dahl: this one is for you.
A very promising debut by Jessica Townsend, full of promise, Wunder, and intrigue.

26/09/2017 4:51:50 PM - Samantha
Step Boldly!!!
I love this book!!! The imagination of Jessica Townsend is amazing to come up with this wondrous world. Beautifully written and full of suspense. had to force myself to put it down. Hurry up and release the next one, Jessica, please. I need to get back to Nevermoor!

1/10/2017 5:58:18 PM - Jade
A truly "Wundrous" book
Disclaimer: I received an ARC copy through a Dymocks booklover competition I started this book, not sure what to expect, and was immediately captivated by the magical world of Nevermoor. Morrigan Crow is an intriguing protagonist with a curse of bad luck that affects all those around on... or so she believes, until she is transported to a world of giant talking cats, umbrella transport, and the "Wundrous society". Morrigan must compete in trials to earn a place in this famous society, making friends and enemies along the way. I found this book to be an enchanting read, a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. I can see this book being enjoyed by both its intended middle-grade audience, and adults.

22/09/2017 10:44:18 PM - Anne
Omg I loved this book. It was a captivating book from start to finish! Highly recommend this to all.

22/11/2017 2:43:42 PM - Heather
I could hardly put the book down can't wait for the next book

9/10/2017 5:37:54 PM - Heather
I was completely engrossed in the world of nevermoor and Morrocan With shades of Harry Potter and the Abhorsen books, but a style Uniquely her own, this is a great read...

3/10/2017 6:50:51 PM - Dominic
An Exciting new Series
Nevermoor - In which 'Harry Potter' meets the sometimes zany humour of 'Doctor Who', a world where the weird is normal and the normal weird. I won a free Proof Copy of Nevermoor from a contest, and was pleasantly surprised when I started reading as I had been expecting a more relaxed story aimed at a younger audience... instead I got a riveting read that kept me hooked, and entertained, from beginning to end. Filled with emotion, adventure and some genuine laugh out loud moments I'm now eagerly awaiting further instalments (And my only regret in winning an early copy is that it means a longer wait). With most author's refining and growing as they write more works, I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on Jessica Townsend's works in future, both in and out of the Never-verse. Plus, it's always nice to discover a new quality Australian Author.

9/10/2017 7:33:35 PM - Holly
Can't wait for Book 2!
I was hooked from the beginning. A cursed child, mysterious worlds, characters and creatures good and evil, what's not to love? Morrigan Crow is whisked away from everything she knows to a I understand the comparisons being made to Harry Potter as Nevermoor gave me a similar feeling, but Jessica Townsend's characters are all her own beautiful, talented and flawed creations. I loved getting to know them and the world in which they live, and what a colourful world it is. Townsend also uses plenty of humour to balance the darker parts of the novel and Nevermoor ended with just the right balance of resolution and intrigue to leave me wanting more, bring on book 2!

18/09/2017 12:30:10 PM - Lisa
A mash-up of Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland
A delightful debut from Queensland author, Jessica Townsend. A magical world beyond your imagination, characters you hate to love, characters you love to hate and an underdog to root for!

10/10/2017 2:09:07 PM - Amelia
A magical and enchanting story
I received Nevermoor as part of the Dymocks booklovers program and I read it within a few days, I couldn’t put it down! Morrigan Crow is an endearing protagonist who, after narrowly escaping death, winds up in Nevermoor with the eccentric and whimsical Jupiter North. Her adventures in Nevermoor are imaginative and make for a charming and compelling read. It is a great start to an exciting series and I cannot wait for the next instalment!

3/10/2017 5:55:06 PM - Karina
A new adventure awaits
Well holy smokes, this was amazing. I had heard from friends that this was a book to keep my eye out for so when I got the chance to receive a proof copy from Dymocks I was not missing my chance. Let me start by saying that this book is hard to categorise. I think it is meant to be aimed at middle-grade children, yet I am a 27 year old thinking, 'Oh dang, that's dark as heck!' So just be aware that there is a bit of psychological abuse in the story. But it is mostly a light-hearted, adventurous and a tad dangerous story. The story has been compared to Harry Potter and I can see why - a child is saved from a pretty crappy home-life and taken on an adventure in a magical world. The stories are different but people who love Harry Potter will also love this. I adored the story, although it could be a tad predictable. The characters were brilliant apart from one stereotyped "mean girl" character - she was cheesily cruel and that made her a bit bland. It was very easy and quick to read, and I was never bored. The universe is interesting and I hope there is plenty more to discover in future books. An excellent debut novel Jessica - congratulations!

29/09/2017 10:26:57 AM - Sue
great kids book that adults will also enjoy
I was sent a proof copy of this book as part of a competition by Dymocks. I really enjoyed it. It's well written, with an imaginative storyline. The main character, Morrigan, has spent her short life thinking she was cursed, until she ends up in Nevermoor. She has been chosen to participate in a series of tests to see if she can join the Wundrous Society. She doubts herself but discovers she has strengths she didn't realise she had. My only criticism is that the chapters are quite long, so if you only have time to read it in short bursts, you have to stop in the middle of a story.

25/09/2017 7:41:49 PM - Mary-Ellen
Charming, Delightful, Wonderful. This is the best new series I've read in a long time!
4.5 Stars! I loved this book. It's Jessica Townsend's debut novel and the first in the Nevermoor series. I'm so glad I read it. There's so much to like here. The story is about Morrigan Crow, an instantly likeable 11 year old, who just wants to be part of a loving family. Unfortunately for her, she's cursed and due to die on Eventide. Morrigan's curse means others blame her for everything, from a lost spelling bee to a local jam factory having a bad batch. As her father pays compensation for these events, the family isn't too sad about Morrigan's impending death. Then, on the eve of her death, Morrigan is whisked away to Nevermoor, by the enigmatic and delightful Jupiter North, where her adventure truly begins. A member of The Wundrous Society, Jupiter puts Morrigan's name forward for entry into the society. This puts the spotlight firmly on Morrigan. But, in order to get one of the places on offer and become part of the Wundrous family, Morrigan will need to pass four trials, competing against hundreds of talented children. Which is a problem because Morrigan doesn't seem to have any talent ... The Trials of Morrigan Crow is brimming with charm, magic and adventure. There are so many wonderful characters. Apart from Morrigan, my favourites are: Jupiter who always seems to be racing around, but sees everything going on in Morrigan's life; Fen the Magnificat, a giant talking cat with attitude; and Frank the Vampire Dwarf (or is it the Dwarf Vampire) who likes to sing. The Deucalion Hotel, where a lot of the story happens, is kind of a character as well. There was both a richness and subtlety to the world-building; it was nicely balanced. I knew everything I needed to know, but the focus stayed on characters and story, which kept the pace moving. I think fans of Harry Potter and Roald Dahl would enjoy this delightful fantasy. The film rights have been picked up by 20th Century Fox, which is not surprising. Like the inhabitants of Nevermoor's Deucalion Hotel, Jessica Townsend demonstrates that she know how to 'step boldly' with this fabulous debut. I highly recommend this book. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. Happy reading!

4/11/2017 6:51:29 PM - Greg
NEVERMOOR by Jessica Townsend, is one of those too-rare books that makes its readers think. Well, actually only a little bit, right at the end, but its there, like a well trained border collie, sitting in the shade of a coolibah tree on a hot Australian summer day for an inquisitive and young book worm to come along and wonder what its all about, Alfie. But there’s fun to be had, too, with NEVERMOOR. Not to mention bucket loads of excitement, and passion, and laughs, and tears, and fears, too, just to balance everything out. The principal character of the book is a delightfully brave and intelligent young girl going by the name of Morrigan Crow. Not the most attractive of names, and certainly not one i would have picked for my debut novel, but there’s no doubt that she grabbed the book’s spotlight, and she stole my heart just a little bit too, and no doubt she’ll steal yours. She ain’t no Hermoine Grainger, well not yet, anyway (SPOILERS) but her soon to be BFF is an awesome male star to be called “Hawthorne" and he is cool as. A presumed enemy from the book’s middle section also may well elect to ally herself with our Mog in book two, but with every friend made there is bound to be an enemy in the works, so we’ll just have to wait to see what happens in STEP BOLDLY, the enticingly titled sequel to the book we are discussing now. Essentially, the book is about fate, or destiny, what happens when we accept it, and what options we are looking at it if we choose to turn out backs on it. And its very impressively written, too, with the book’s penultimate chapter explaining everything you need to know in order to see the woods for the trees. And interestingly, what i took to be the book’s literary highlit back on page 220, which was: "Shadows are shadows, Miss Crow... They want to be dark..." Is actually very deep and contains more importance to the story and it’s ultimate message than the mere lyrical worth it immediately submits for your entertainment. So I give this excellent read and awesome debut novel four stars. Its good, its bordering on excellent, it makes you think, and in some respects, its even self contained. But with a sequel already announced, and no doubt already published, the problem is that you have to leave room for improvement. So logical demands that i award it four stars. So four stars it is, and never more...

6/10/2017 9:49:52 AM - Janelle
If you enjoy Harry Potter, Chrestomanci, or Howl's Moving Castle, you'll adore this!
I received an advanced copy of this book for review, and though I don’t normally read middle grade, it sounded cute enough to be worth a shot. THIS WAS SO DAMN CUTE! The Trials of Morrigan Crow tells the story of Morrigan Crow, a cursed child who unintentionally wreaks havoc on those around her. Morrigan is doomed to die on her next birthday, by virtue of being a cursed child, but at the final hour she’s rescued and spirited away to another land by an eccentric man named Jupiter North (think Howell Jenkins with the sartorial sense of Depp’s Mad Hatter). Morrigan learns that she’s been named as a contender in a series of trials for gifted children…..except the problem is, she doesn’t have a gift. If you enjoy Harry Potter, Howl’s Moving Castle, Willy Wonka, or any of the Chrestomanci books by Diana Wynne Jones, you’ll absolutely adore this. It’s cute, whimsical, a little bit creepy, and the writing style is smoother than butter and reminiscent of JK Rowling. I often have an issue with pacing and losing interest in books concerning trials or training montages, but this was adorable, ethereal, magical, and entertaining, and I enjoyed every moment I got to spend exploring Nevermoor. This was a strong first novel and I’d absolutely kill to see it adapted on the big screen. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the franchise has in store!

9/11/2017 9:38:27 AM - Sarah
I received an ARC of this novel from Dymocks Books via Hachette Australia in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. Nevermoor is going to be the next Harry Potter. Yeap, I said it. A big call to make, but I honestly think this book series is going to be the next big thing. Stepping into the world of Nevermoor is a wunderous and magical place! You are instantly captivated by it all, from the magical beings within to the enchanted Hotel Deucalion. I haven’t read a middle grade novel in a long time, and when I say long time – I mean LONG TIME! I honestly adored every single moment of reading this novel. You don’t want it to end! The characters within this novel are simply spectacular. Our main protagonist is Morrigan Crow, or Mog as Jupiter affectionately likes to call her (much to her dismay). Morrigan is a “cursed child” – born on an unlucky day, she is cursed to die at Midnight on eventide. Of course, what kind of story would it be if she actually did die at the beginning of the novel. Enter the delightful Jupiter North, an adventure from the mysterious place called Nevermoor. I honestly loved Morrigan and Jupiter’s relationship, very father daughter in a way. We meet a handful of characters along the way, some good, some bad but they’re all very intriguing and unique (they’re from Nevermoor so of course they’re unique!) and I cannot wait to read about them more in the second novel. Once rescued from death by Jupiter, Morrigan begins her trials as Jupiter’s candidate for the Wunderous Society. She must compete and successfully complete four trials in order to gain acceptance into the society. So begins the adventure of Morrigan Crow. The plot never slows throughout the novel, I found the pace very easy to follow and was never bored at any point. At times I felt as if the book was a little too Harry Potter influenced, but then Townsend provided her spin to the scene and it was very much it’s own. When Kirkus says the book is “Harry Potter meeting Alice in Wonderland”, it is spot on. I cannot wait for book two to be released so I can continue on this wunderous adventure with Morrigan and her friends.

21/09/2017 2:28:16 PM - CJ
Ready your brolly, you're in for a ride!
I absolutely adored this book. I haven't read middle grade fiction in quite some time (probably since my teen years!), but this was so intriguing that I had to try it. Miss Crow did not disappoint! The only truly upsetting thing about this book is realizing I'll have to wait until at least next year to read the sequel. If you're looking for a well-plotted, excellently written magical adventure, Nevermoor is the place to go.

9/10/2017 8:56:33 PM - Anita
A new favourite!
I was lucky enough to receive an arc of this book from Dymocks and I am so thankful that I did! I loved this book from the beginning with its beautiful (magical!) world creation and a writing style which provides a strong connection to the characters. This book should definitely not be limited to a children's read - Adults will love this book too. I look forward to rereading it and wish number 2 was here now!

5/10/2017 10:01:37 AM - Tim
A fantastic journey
Nevermoor is a captivating read from first page to last. The characters and plot make for a thrilling read, which made it very difficult to put down. Great start to an exciting new series!

5/10/2017 3:04:11 PM - Chelsea
I received an ARC of Nevermoor from Dymocks and it was amazing! It definitely gave me Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland vibes. The story is somewhat dark (so I would recommend this towards older readers) but it was still whimsical and magical. It definitely lives up to the hype and I'm looking forward to book two's release in 2018!

24/03/2018 11:18:25 AM - Laurie
Definitely get this one for yourself, then get another copy for your kids...
Love it. Wow, what a world, Wow, what characters. Wow, what fun. Morrigan Crow is the cursed girl who is destined to die. Jupiter North is the mysterious Patron who wants her to enter the Wundrous Society (and save her life)... but in order to do that, she must face and pass four trials. This is a fun book that is fully adventurous, fully weird and fully magical. Giant cats, umbrella trains, witches, monsters and magic. A great read. Brilliant world building that any fan of Harry Potter will love. Morrigan is a brave, witty, persevering character who I happily championed. I want to see more of her. YA with heart and soul. I love the Deucalion - a hotel and a character in its own right. I want to stay there. Unusual friendships, and dealing with bullies, there are many lessons within Nevermoor's pages. I can't wait to read it again. Definitely get this one for yourself, then get another copy for your kids...

2/12/2019 7:51:36 PM - Heather
I,m 9 and this is my new favorite book. When my mum got it for me, I was skeptical about reading it. Now I love it! Nevermoor is an incredible book. A must-read. I loved it.

5/04/2020 2:14:53 PM - Caitlin
Loved this book!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! The magic and mystery was awesome and the characters were really engaging. I have read the second book as well and I am extremely excited to read the third; Hollowpox.


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