What Type Of Poker Player Are You?

The first thing to know is that there are commonly four main types of 4d online poker players . These types are, in fact, categorized according to two very distinct criteria, which are the wide or tight player and the passive or aggressive player. These are behaviors that are essential around a poker table, and we will, therefore, detail them for you.

Are you a wide or tight player?

If you are one of those poker players who play with almost any card in his hand, then you are already in the broad player category. You should, therefore, strongly appreciate the intense game and therefore like to play a lot of moves. But it also implies that you are most certainly concentrating more on your opponents than on the cards you have in hand.

Are you a passive or aggressive player?

We come into the second category of poker player game style, namely the passive player. This is a player who never raises or who does so too timidly. If you recognize yourself here, then you know that you do this very often so as not to frighten your opponents with big bets when you hit a good game. But your strategy is well thought out although dangerous because you let them down the possibility of trying their draw at a lower cost. It should be noted that the passive player is a player who bluffs very rarely. We recognize you, therefore, because you are used to not investing a lot of chips when you venture on the carpet.

You are a mouse

This is the case if you are, therefore, a passive and tight poker player. It is a small animal that is often found in novices. Indeed, the mouse remains the profile that is found in most beginners, namely a type of player who absolutely does not want to take risks. If you are a mouse, then you are only playing with first-rate hands. But be careful, because you are very predictable because you actually only play when you have a game! Your worst enemy in terms of animals, will then be the jackal, which you will discover a little further down.

You may be more of an elephant.

These are passive and broad poker players. The elephant is a player who can be called a permanent calling station. You fall into this category of the player if you never throw your cards, and you can not help but pay to see the opposing game. You are then in the category of players who must work on them because you are here and probably the type of player who loses the most regularly on a poker table. You do not know how to maximize your winnings, and you lose too many pots when cards are dealt with.

Or maybe you are a jackal?

The jackal represents aggressive and broad poker players. If you are a jackal, it is because you have perfectly integrated the essential principle of Poker, which is to understand that it is not mandatory to have the best hand in the game to win and win the pot, see the part!